While the importance of cleaning in aged care facilities may seem evident, at Madison Cleaning, we know this can sometimes be far from the truth. 

We offer quality and reliable aged care cleaning services to ensure your facility is sterilised, safe and hygienic for your residents, staff, and visitors. 

Looking after people in the aged care sector takes a different kind of cleaning, disinfection and support. Our team delivers our aged care cleaning services with sensitivity, care and understanding.

Our Chief Financial Officer, Howard Dennerstein, also founded an aged care company that allowed carers to look after older adults in their own homes. Madison Cleaning’s whole philosophy is driven by what Howard has learned about taking care of retirees and the elderly.

So, without further ado, let’s delve further into the importance of cleaning in aged care facilities. 

Aged Care Facilities and Industry Regulations

It has become imperative for every aged care facility to ensure a complete program of both cleaning and disinfection for a high standard of safety and hygiene for their residents.

Every aged care facility should aspire to high standards of cleanliness. Without rules and standards, there may be detrimental consequences for senior residents. That is why all aged care facilities in Australia are subject to audits by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Committee. These audits confirm compliance with pre-determined standards.

Why is Cleaning Important in Aged Care Facilities?

It should come as no surprise that older people need extra care and attention to live a healthy life, as the immune system weakens as you get older. In addition, they deserve a life free of worries, fears, and, ideally, germs. This is why a thorough cleaning regimen is essential in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of those in aged care homes. 

Environmental Cleaning in Aged Care Facilities

Environmental cleaning is not as complex as it sounds – it is the cleaning centred around the removal of dirt and bacteria from surfaces in common areas. This ensures that the living environment is clean and hygienic for residents, visitors, and employees alike.

Environmental cleaning in aged care facilities is essential as it ensures that the residents live a clean and hygienic life. Senior residents are more susceptible to sickness and infections, and minor illnesses they experience can become quite severe. 

One easy way to reduce the risk of getting ill is by regular cleaning from qualified professionals. At Madison Cleaning, we provide extensive aged care cleaning services to guarantee your residents and staff remain safe and healthy. 

Some of the major areas we focus on include:

  • Windows and curtains
  • Doorknobs
  • Chairs
  • Light switches
  • Wardrobes
  • Tables
  • Bed and bed railings
  • Transport trolleys
  • Minor objects like phones, cups, drug cups, and remote controls

These areas and items with heavy use or traffic require the most attention. Now, let’s look at what else is involved in aged care cleaning more closely. 

What is Involved in Cleaning Aged-Care Facilities?

When it comes to ensuring seniors are well cared for, cleaning is an integral part of the process. To ensure optimal hygiene and cleanliness, we focus on a few aspects, and there are a few more that should be implemented by the aged care facility themselves.

#1. Cleaning Surfaces and Objects

Generally, environmental cleaning in aged care facilities should involve cleaning and sanitising all surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms. This is crucial as it can reduce the risk of exposure to illness and infection. 

Cleaning should be done regularly by qualified aged care cleaning professionals

#2. Changing Linen and Personal Items

Regularly changing linen and personal items is necessary when fighting against bacteria, especially in aged-care facilities. In addition, it may require you to change personal items such as bathing sponges, toothbrushes, and bedsheets to prevent the accumulation of bacteria in the bed or bathroom.

If a resident falls ill, regularly changing the linen and toiletries is necessary to prevent the illness from returning. However, bacteria can live on these items, leading to reinfection, so it is essential to maintain a clean living area for senior residents after an illness.

#3. Personal Protective Equipment

Whether you are working in an aged-care facility or are a resident, everyone’s health and safety improve through wearing personal protective equipment. In addition, this is a way to mitigate the likelihood of an outbreak or potential outbreak. 

Generally, healthcare workers need to wear personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks to prevent the spread of bacteria between themselves and the senior residents. Because of how susceptible the residents may be to illness, there can be a fast spread of infection that may happen in a short time.

#4. Handwashing 

It’s no surprise that proper handwashing for both staff and residents is an integral part of maintaining a clean environment in your aged care facility. Every staff member and resident in the facility should be well trained in proper handwashing techniques.

Do You Need Help with Cleaning in Aged Care Facilities?

With all these challenges, you must have confidence in your cleaning team to provide a consistent and high-quality standard of cleaning and disinfection every time, with as little disruption to your residents as possible.

An excellent aged care cleaner understands that they aren’t just cleaning a facility, they’re cleaning someone’s home. Therefore, we ensure to only supply you with well-trained cleaners who are compassionate, respectful and understanding of the specific needs and setting of an aged care facility.

So if you’re after aged care cleaning services, why not contact Madison Cleaning today?